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Stop Sleeping On Giannis Antetokounmpo

by Tom Piccolo

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the best franchise cornerstone that no one is talking about.

Slow Start Not A Problem For Jazz

by Daniel Lilling

The Jazz have been a bit wobbly coming out of the gate, but their fans have nothing to worry about.

SQ Winter Blueprint: Toronto Blue Jays

by Ryan Neu

Throughout the offseason, SQ’s MLB staff will be diagnosing each team’s ideal offseason plan. Today’s focus is on the Toronto Blue Jays.

Who Has The Edge: Comparing Current College Football Playoff Outsiders

by Peter Rosston

If some of the six “win-and-in” teams fall in the coming weeks, who is poised to take their place?

Finding The Next Dallas Keuchel

by Jeremy Losak

Nobody talked about Dallas Keuchel entering the 2015 season. Who will be the next player to go from no-name to star?

Here’s Why Dalvin Cook Deserves The Heisman

by Christopher Paschal

Here’s why Dalvin Cook is the best Heisman Candidate RB in the nation.


by Patrick Capone

Despite the dismal NFC East, the Eagles still find themselves searching for answers.

Did Bryce Harper Deserve The MVP?

by Megan Kim

Bryce Harper had a dominant year. His Washington Nationals didn’t. Should that play a factor in the MVP vote?

Jameis Winston’s Reckoning

by Daniel Allweiss

Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers are surging.

Examining The Mavericks’ Hot Start To The Season

by Max Holm

The Dallas Mavericks’ hot start has been defined by clutch play.

World Cup Qualifying: Importance Of Home Games

by James Chelminski

The penultimate round of World Cup qualifying has begun, is the U.S. really off to a poor start? What about other North American sides?

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