Well, That Was Unexpected

by Jack Epstein

Which teams off to a hot start can keep it up? And which teams that struggled out of the gate can turn it around?

The SQ NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

by Austin Taliaferro, Alex Strauss, Cory Ryncarz, Dan Recht, Dominic Kearns, Bobby Eghbali, Joshua Connelly, Nick Cicere

After a second consecutive loss, have the Seattle Seahawks completely fallen out of the top 10?

The Saints are Marching in Style

by Mark Philipson

Southampton is poised to finish in a Champions League or Europa League spot this season.

Bryce Brown: Boom or Bust?

by Jason Levash

Will Bryce Brown be the electrifying running back we remember from the 2012 season?

Why Fans Need To Stop Asking For The Back-Up Quaterback

by Adrian Nelson III

The grass may look greener with a new signal caller, but will a back-up revolution really help your team?

The Best GIFs of the 2014 MLB Playoffs

by Dominic Kearns

Watch the Best GIFs of the MLB Playoffs

E Pluribus Football: The Week Seven Presidential Pigskin Recap

by Bryan Clark

On Thursday night, the Patriots became the first NFL team to win 70 games during the Obama presidency.

The Inevitable King Finally Has His Crown

by Austin Taliaferro

The greatest of all-time finally has the touchdown record, and it’s one that could last for generations.

How Dayton Moore Built a Winner in Kansas City

by William McFadden

When Dayton Moore was hired as the Royals’ GM in 2006, he began a process that has transformed Kansas City from perennial losers into AL champs.

Quick Takeaways from Week Seven of the NFL

by Matthew Gideon

A recap of all the action from around week seven of the NFL

2014-15 NBA League Pass Power Rankings

by Brandon Boyd

NBA League Pass team selection is an inexact science. SQ did the work for you on picking which teams to watch.
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